The CEMM Group

We are a corporate training & consulting company.

We specialize in training and human capital development for both management and technical skills. In addition to the extensive project management experience, we have a pool of partners who work to enable us better serve organizations in a number of industries like FranklinCovey and MillerHeiman.

Corporate Training & Consulting.
Specialty in training and human Capital Development for both management and technical skills.

Corporate Training and Consulting

We specialise in training and human capital development for both management and technical skills.

Sales Performance

FranklinCovey’s Sales Performance Practice has a simple sales philosophy: the more you focus on helping your clients succeed, the more you will.

Sales Performance

The Miller Heiman Sales System drives sales performance through disciplined processes to effectively create and manage opportunities and manage relationships.


Based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Leader in Me is a whole-school transformation process that integrates principles of leadership and effectiveness into school curriculum using everyday, age-appropriate language.


FranklinCovey’s Speed of Trust Practice has developed powerful processes to increase trust on the personal, team, relationship, and organizational levels, leading to lowered costs and faster results.


FranklinCovey’s Leadership Practice develops leaders at three levels: personal (“lead myself”), team (“lead my team”), and organization-wide (“leader of leaders”). Leaders who follow the processes will have the ability to execute with excellence and deliver sustained superior results.


FranklinCovey’s Productivity Practice equips individuals, teams, and organizations to consistently make intentional high-valued decisions and execute on high-impact goals and projects with excellence in the midst of unlimited choices, demands, and distractions.

Happy Customer Loyalty

FranklinCovey’s Customer Loyalty Practice helps chains and other multi-unit operators drive faster revenue and profit growth through increased customer and employee loyalty.


FranklinCovey’s execution methodology helps leaders establish clarity, focus, and accountability around critical strategic objectives, in the midst of competing daily urgencies. Read more
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In a nutshell

The CEMM Group is a corporate training and consulting company. We specialize in training and human capital development, for both management and technical skills.

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